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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Friday, September 21, 2018

Spiritual Formation

The mission of the Spiritual Formation Ministry is to assist
the people of St. Paul United Methodist Church to grow in
faith, gain a greater understanding of discipleship,and develop
their personal beliefs so that we become disciples of Christ.
What is Spiritual Formation?
“Spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the
image of Christ for the sake of others.”
Dr. Robert Mulholland,
professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary
in Wilmore, Kentucky.
Spiritual formation is a life-long process of growth and
development to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and to become
more like Jesus. It requires an intentional focus on spiritual
practices and disciplines, such as regular prayer, study and
reflection, worship, participation in small groups, and service
to others.
Our Wesleyan Heritage
John Wesley promoted the practices of both personal piety
and the means of grace. Personal piety included prayer and
devotional reading, scriptural study, and fasting.
These were activities that every individual Christian needed.
But every bit as important to the people called Methodist
were shared practices —
prayer with and for one another,
Bible study and exploration of scriptural
and theological concepts, sharing in the Lord’s Supper,
and working side-by-side in works of compassion, kindness,
and caring in the community and world.
Studies we offer here at St. Paul currently include:
Short Term Bible Studies, Long Term Bible Studies and
St. Paul 101 Classes. Watch the Epistle and Epistle Plus
newsletters for upcoming studies you can participate in.