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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Monday, January 22, 2018


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9:00am = 40, 11:00am = 120, Prayer Service = 13, The Lord’s Table = 73, Potomac Place = 32

Sunday School Total = 97, Worship Total = 278


ALTAR FLOWERS - today, are given in honor of Dot Elkins birthday by their kids and grandkids. 


IT’S CHILI LUNCH TIME AGAIN! Winter is dragging on and it’s time to do something to warm up.  Join us for a tasty chili lunch to warm your stomach and enjoy the family fellowship we know to be St Paul to warm your heart.  On Feb 11th (right after the 11:00 service) bring your appetite and perhaps a crockpot of your favorite chili to share. Hospitality will furnish all the fixings, drinks, & dessert. The sign-up is included in the bulletin. Be sure to sign up (only one time please) so we have enough for everyone.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!


CHRISTIAN SYMPATHIES - To Frances Beall at the loss of her sister, Jo Marie, on 1/9/18. 


CLOTHING NEEDS - The Lord’s Clothes Closet is currently in low supply of Winter children's clothes, coats, socks and pajamas.  In addition to children’s items, the clothes closet is collecting gently used blankets.  As you check your closets, please consider bringing donations of these items for our clothing ministry. 


2018 is our 60th  year as a congregation!  We look forward to a celebration this spring. In the meantime, if you have an interest in seeing our archives, or in assisting with the planning of our anniversary celebration, please contact our archive historian, Donna Bolton.


 CELEBRATE DIVERSITY – St. Paul initiated a program in 2018 to highlight and embrace diversity among us – that is, embracing the differences among people that enable us working together to “be in ministry to all God’s people, to the end that all may realize the love of God for the world, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.” 

· The UMC Book of Discipline mandates that we “challenge, lead, and equip the people of The United Methodist Church to become interculturally competent, to ensure institutional equity and to facilitate vital conversations about religion, race, and culture.”

· In February, traditionally Black History Month, we begin with dialogue on appreciating racial and cultural diversity. On Feb. 11, we are privileged to have Rev. Clyde Ellis from the Mount Olive Baptist Church speak at both services.

· Celebrating diversity has always been a tenet of Methodism.  John Wesley wrote to a Catholic friend in 1749, “But if God still loveth us, we ought to love one another. We ought, without this endless jangling about opinions, to provoke one another to love and to good works. Let the points wherein we differ stand aside … Then, if we cannot as yet think alike in all things, at least we may love alike.” And the slogan of the United Methodist Church is “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”


UMCOR HEALTH KITS FOR 2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE – The United Methodist Women of Saint Paul are beginning to collect materials for UMCOR health kits that will be taken to the 2018 Virginia UM Conference.  They will be emphasizing one item each month.

· In February we are collecting nail clippers and metal nail files.

· In March we will be collecting hand towels (any color), 15” X 25” to 17” X 27.”

Please place your donated items in the designated box located in the front hallway of the church. Also, be mindful that an entire kit can be purchased for a donation of $12.00 to the United Methodist Women.  Thanks in advance to everyone for helping reach the goal of at least 200 kits.


SNOW POLICY - If Prince William County closes schools, there will be NO morning church activities and the church office will be closed.  If PWC schools have a delayed opening, the church office will have a corresponding delayed opening.  For weekend closures:

1) check our website for scrolling information in red lettering or

2) check the church office mailbox (703-494-2445 select option #1)

3) “Like” the St. Paul UMC Woodbridge page - the information will be posted on our Facebook page


ST. PAUL BASKETBALL TEAM! – St. Paul has once again joined the Christian Basketball League.  We invite you to pray for the team throughout the season, and to come and cheer for your St. Paul family and friends at their games. The next game will be at the Christ Chapel on Saturday, January 27 at 9:30am.  

Thank you for your support of this wonderful opportunity for fellowship and fun!


NO ENVELOPE, NO CHECKBOOK, NO CASH, NO PROBLEM!– We are excited to introduce our new ONLINE GIVING option to the congregation!  If you are like many who do not carry cash or checks regularly, this is a solution for you!  You can set-up a reoccurring donation or make a one-time donation using a debit card, credit card, or check.  We also have options to designate funds, the ability to contribute to special offerings, or even pay for your Sunday School books through this system.  To make an online donation is EASY, just go to our website ( and click on the “online giving” image. You will be directed to our St. Paul online giving page, where you can securely login and make a donation.  Or scan this QR Code Square with your smartphone to be led directly to the St. Paul online donation phone-friendly version.

 RISE UP SERMON SERIES - It is the season after Epiphany, a time of discovery and challenge prior to the preparation time of Lent. In the “Rise Up” sermon series, we embrace the discovery and challenge aspect of the season as we need to be reminded that it is God speaking to us and among us. We need to listen to God’s voice. We need to be ready to move when and where the Spirit says move. We need to answer God’s call in whichever context it is experienced. We need to stay focused on our work and God’s call — the core work of discipling, not just fellowship or friendship. And we need to hear and help others hear God’s call to go deeper, following Jesus where he leads.


SOCIAL INCLUSION – The United Methodist Church long has been committed to the principle of social inclusiveness. That is, in keeping with the spirit of the gospel, we affirm that all persons — whatever their racial or ethnic identity, whatever their gender or national origin, whatever their physical state or condition — are full-fledged members of the human community and are equally valuable in the sight of God. Diversity is a positive outcome of social inclusion that yields benefits for the entire community.



The St. Paul Leadership Team (LT) met on Jan. 10, 2018.  The following actions or highlights were noted:


a. Thanks to consistent and “extra mile giving” by church members, we have been able to meet all of our 2017 obligations - except apportionments.  We met our revised goal of $36,000 and finished 2017 with about $1,500 in positive cash flow.

b. For Christmas, we received about $4,000 more this year than in any of the last three years — and during the fall, in response to our funding shortages - we received about $9,000 in extra giving from weekly increases of $10 to one-time gifts of $3,000.

c. 2017 Budget Report:  Contributions and pledged amounts came to $561,565.  Loose plate offerings were $6,002; Sunday School offerings contributed $2,615.57; Communion offerings were $387.60; checking interest was $7,410.  Building use income came to $35,547 and rental income was $26,937.43.  Our challenge income was $20,608.13, and Easter offerings combined with an unusually generous Christmas offering, added $13,546.  If we duplicate that for 2018, we will receive @$656,500.  Our budget totals for 2018 come to $748,96.

d. 2018:  Contributions for the first week totaled $13,473, of which $214 was for the Challenge.  We also received electronic contributions totaling $3,426.65.  

SPPRCInterview process for the Children’s Ministry Director position is ongoing. We plan to complete this process by the end of January.

Trustees: Volunteers are sought for the following maintenance items:

a. Painting of the outside wood surfaces around the windows in the old building

b. Repair to the ceiling area in the balcony damaged by water seepage from the steeple area.

c. If interested, please contact either Tom Davies  or Bill Elmore.

2018 Leadership Team Structure Updates

a. LT Lay Leader will also serve as Lay Member to Annual Conference.

b. Treasurer position will be assigned to LT Finance Lead.  Business Manager works as “secondary check” over the payment of church obligations.

Incorporation Update:  As of January 9, 2018, St. Paul UMC is Incorporated.

St. Paul Vision Goals:  LT is holding a planning session on January 20th to review our four vision goals (small groups, congregational involvement, community engagement, and mission) and plan how we will pursue these areas in 2018.