What We Believe

These GUIDING PRINCIPLES of St. Paul UMC are succinct statements of what we believe:

We believe that all people are children of God and have value.

Therefore we:

  • Welcome all people unconditionally
  • Practice radical hospitality
  • Reach out to the needy in our community through multiple activities and provide support services
  • Support and participate in mission projects regionally, nationally, and globally


We believe that spiritual growth is a constant, intentional, and lifetime commitment.

Therefore we:

  • Encourage everyone to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through a variety of ways to include daily Bible reading, study, prayer, personal reflection, and continual education
  • Provide Christian education for all ages through diverse opportunities
  • Mentor and hold one another accountable through small groups
  • Encourage one another to share examples of God’s grace in our lives
  • Help people to discern their spiritual gifts and encourage all people to engage in and support a variety of ministries and activities at St Paul in accordance with their spiritual gifts and interests


We believe that prayer is a foundational tenant and essential element in establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Therefore we:

  • Cover all that we do at St Paul in prayer
  • Encourage group and individual prayer
  • Pray for one another (through prayer chain, time in worship, small groups, prayer board, etc.)


We believe Christians are called to worship together with passion and joy and that connecting with other believers through worship helps us stay spiritually secure and encouraged.

Therefore we:

  • Offer different styles of worship including traditional and contemporary services, to meet the spiritual needs of our congregation
  • Are enthusiastic in our worship and praise
  • Offer experiences that are inspiring and challenging
  • Consider worship to occur beyond our services in situations when we gather together to praise God


We believe in contagious Christianity, calling all to witness and make disciples of Christ.

Therefore we:

  • Seek opportunities to share our faith with others
  • Invite people to St Paul
  • Offer community events
  • Provide opportunities to build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Strive to reach out to people in their times of pain and need


We believe that Christian stewardship is an integral component of discipleship.

Therefore we:

  • Renew our covenant to faithfully support the church through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness
  • Encourage tithing