UMW Pecan Sale

UMW Pecan Sale: Order Now!
The UMW is taking orders for pecans until September 26th. We will be selling 16 oz. bags of large halves, 16 oz. bags of large pieces, and 12 oz. bags of chocolate-covered pecans.  Due to the continued increases in price from the supplier, we will be charging $11/bag for the large halves and large pieces.  The price of the 12 oz. bags of chocolate-covered pecans will remain at $10/bag. The pecans are picked and bagged within days of being shipped, which is usually in early to mid-November.  The halves and pieces are great for baking and they all make wonderful gifts.  We will place our order based on the pre-orders we receive, so be sure to place your order by calling Susan Piccione at (703) 946-9391 or via email click here.  Payment is not due until the pecans are delivered. The UMW appreciates your support of this project which supports United Methodist Women’s missions.