Member Care

Member care is at the heart of everything we do at St. Paul UMC.  It is essential to the nurturing of our congregation in ways that affect everything the church does, and it is the embodiment of our vision statement: “Sharing God’s love.  Caring for all.  Daring to Act.

Member care is intertwined and inextricably linked to all the other ministries of the church, including worship, education, and outreach. Nurturing the faith of our congregation and assisting them in their journey to discipleship equips and enables them to live our vision statement and to walk with Jesus daily, and it empowers and encourages them to dare to act.

Ministry focus areas:

*   Spiritual Formation is a foundational aspect to member care.  To help our congregation to grow in knowledge; in understanding of God’s will in their lives; and in faith to equip and encourage them to walk with Jesus, to strengthen them in good times, and to sustain them in difficult times, St. Paul UMC offers several adult Sunday School classes and a variety of Bible studies and special studies.  

* Sunday School and Bible Studies

*  Prayer Ministry:  St. Paul encourages the congregation to share their prayer concerns and maintains a prayer list so that everyone in the congregation can pray for each other and for their special concerns.  In addition, we have a team of  “prayer warriors,” who are actively in prayer for our church family and their connections.

*  CD Ministry provides a worship service bulletin and recording of the Sunday worship service to shut-ins.

*  Responding to specific needs:  Member Care sponsors specific activities when appropriate to respond to identified needs, such as having a health van in the church parking lot monthly and conducting a blood drive.